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Edward Bellion

Ayn Rand was profoundly influenced by the fact that all her family's substantial assets were taken by the Bolshevics during the Russian revolution. This made her a fervent anti-communist. But her viewpoints have now been incorporated into modern Republican party ideas that reject any and all forms of social policies. What is ironic is that she was also an atheist, but the Republicans do not include this part of her beliefs in their thinking. She is not taken very seriously by many literary scholars, several of whom criticize her ethics!

Wendy Morgan

She was also in favour of abortion, which I guess many Republicans wouldn't like either.

Wendy Morgan

Did you know Ayn Rand also influenced Alan Greenspan which might explain some of his financial mistakes - but that's the trouble with free market fundamentalists, they don't understand that theories in economics can be disastrous when tested.
Anyway, although she was against government as such, she was happy to accept financial help when she has health problems in later life - what a piece of work.
>>A classic narcissist - right about everything! RE<<
Disclosure: Wendy Morgan is my sister.

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