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Dave O'Neill

Ed wrote: "As we have mentioned before, it is still not entirely clear what the Additional Assistant Referees really do most of the time."

From what I have seen, they mainly wear out the grass in about a six yard strip along the goal line,

Leigh W. Davis

I had an epiphany about the AARs a couple of days ago—they are grossly overqualified for what they are doing. The AARs are apparently charged with the goal line and, I assume, looking for fouls. The ARs patrol the touchlines, look for fouls, and make the offside calls. Given the very dynamic nature of offside, the ARs would seem to have the much more demanding job. Yet the AARs are the CR's referee companions on the international panel while the ARs are, well, ARs. (Which isn't to denigrate them at all; being a good linesman is something many just can't do. It's just not quite as prestigious.) And in many cases, the AARs are the other top referees from the CRs country. Take the English crew for example—it's comprised of all three English UEFA Elite category referees. I can't imagine that Atkinson and Clattenburg ever envisioned becoming UEFA Elite category referees so that they could try to look so focused and serious.........

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