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Was it clear that the Ramos foul against Mandzukic was inside the area? From the replays I saw, it certainly seemed at least reckless (high speed, straight leg, exposed studs, both feet off the ground), but it looked like the contact took place just outside the line. Does anyone have a link to a still or video that shows the exact location?
[Reply from Ed: your description has all the elements of a red card, not yellow! It was very close, but to me it seemed that Mandzukic had his right foot over the line.]


Ed, indeed I was wondering about both issues on that Ramos challenge: (1) was it inside or outside the penalty area? [very close; I couldn't quite tell], and (2) was it severe enough to merit consideration as a sendoff? (which is why I wrote "at least reckless" -- after all, you did say "bordering on serious foul play" above...). It looked to me like Ramos' exposed studs caught the front inside part of Mandzukic's right boot, just at the end of his full follow-through at the cross. Not the worst I've seen, but pretty nasty. It could very well have resulted in a more serious injury than just the 2-3 minutes he spent walking it off.

Sandip Vyas

You mention Referee [Kassai] was sunk when his AAR did not help him award the goal. It would be a tough call for the referee to award the goal himself as he was relying on his team, correct?

Not being privy to the advise from UEFA's referee chiefs, what would have been a more appropriate mechanics in this situation? Stop play while the ball is active, then go to the AAR and verify what he saw? Perhaps, at domestic levels this would be pragmatic, but not at this EURO '12.

Collina noted that of the 320 or so critical decisions in 24 EURO 2012 matches, 13 were wrong, which is 96%+ correct decisions. It was after all a human error.

On a related situation, what are the thoughts on why 20 (of 69) goals have been scored off headers, meaning from the GA? The presence of AAR certainly seems significant in reducing all that fooling about, taking the jerseys off players while others are still wearing them, don't it?
[Reply: I don't think there was anything else Kassai could do. The AAR made his decision of no goal and play continued.
I don't think the AARs have any influence on play at all, certainly not on scoring from headers.]

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