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Forgive my ignorance but if an IFAB amendment is approved that means it is put into effect immediately or at some later date. I have games this weekend I must know.

[Dustin: Usually they take effect as of July 1, or at the start of the next playing season. Don't change anything until we get official notification and instructions from USSF. EB]

Joe Tichy

I believe I read that they will go into effect June 1 this year to accommodate European competitions that begin in June.

Brian Smith-White

This is a logical extension of the long-standing response to a ball thrown directly into the goal during a throw in restart. Prior to the IFAB effort to retain referee authority by legislating that the referee, and the referee alone, decides to stop play for an injury (rather than the players deciding and then kicking the ball out) one usual restart was the ball thrown to the opponents. I am sure that the ball was thrown directly into the goal at least once.

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