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[From Ed: Webb didn't make any mistakes in Law, unlike one other referee in particular!]

john Matthew

Ed, Thank you for this story and the link to the Guardian story. In 1998 a very good friend of mine was going for his National Badge. He was an excellent referee. He told me about a book that he was reading titled " A Referee's Referee". He said it was about a referee he admired. I asked him if I could read it. When I got the book I had an idea for a gift for my friend as a momento of his upcoming achievement (National Badge). I would find out how to contact the author and have him sign it. Make a long story short. I found out that the author lived in Israel. I found his phone number and called him! He was the nicest man. I told him my idea, and he said" absolutely please send it and he would write in it". I sent it along with enough shekels to pay for the postage back. In a week I received the book back with very nice words wishing my friend the "best in refereeing". He also sent back my shekels! He's a very gracious man. One reason I think my friend could relate to Mr Klein was that my frend was short like Mr. Klein. BUT what a great referee my friend was!! Just like Mr Klein, my friend had stature and respect on the field. Thank you Ed for the memory.

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