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John Matthew

Does soccer violence occur more often and more devastating in "other" countries than the US because there are less sports for people to get crazy about, be ultra passionate about, do violent things for?

In the US there are many sports that we can hang our allegience, passion to (NFL,NHL,MLB,PGA,etc)
so we don't get DEEP into one team
that we have to punch,kick,and stab our opponents, we can wait a month for another sport? Or

is it because our lives in the United States are so more "complex" and entangled with hundreds of other "things" we must do in our daily lives, that
we don't have "room" for any deep,
passionate entanglements that sport followers in other poorer countries have room for.

The bloodied chair brings these thoughts into my mind.______________________
From what I have read so far, there was a political influence on these events that perhaps would not occur in the U.S. One team's supporters were allied with the old (overthrown) regime, and took their hostility out on the other supporters. It will become clear in the next few weeks. Bob.

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