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Pierre Head

You just can't win with the offside discussion. Coaches who were defenders as players want everyone in an offside position to be penalized, whereas those who were forwards want the benefit to go the attacking team. Fans just want whatever decision is in favor of their team.

I think the coin is great. I will be getting some for myself.



Just a few weeks ago,I tried to explain offsides to a coach at Lake Weir HS, in Florida, who has coached soccer for 15 years.

"Waddya mean the player has to be involved in the play, ref!?"

Hard to explain anything to that guy.

Mac: I despair often about the lack of knowledge at the high school level of play. Cheers, Bob.

Robert Evans

Merci bien, monsieur, pour l'observation perspicace ! (I'm assuming that you are French, Mr. Head.) RE.

Nik rasula

Anyone that thinks that offside is this simple is wrong.
Great way to stimulate discussion though...wrong perhaps...cunning maybe.

I think perhaps you missed my point. OFFSIDE IS SIMPLE; IT'S GEOMETRIC. Identifying the INFRACTION is more subtle and difficult. But we say "offside" when we mean "offside infraction". Cheers, Bob.

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