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What about this one? Boca Jrs. vs Sevilla, youth teams


Maybe it's not a DOGSO, but it's an obvious Serious Foul Play. Referee is a bit far away but has a good angle, and linesman is perfectly placed to see the tackle. Another broken leg, and another yellow card


Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe read too much into this, But the referee's posture, demeaner, the way he moved, his body lanquage told me he was just "walking the game". He didn't have energy, or the body lanquage that said "hey, I liked it out here. This is the greatest game in the world and I'm part of it!! I'm going to be up with the play, I'm gonna hustle and sweat. He reminded me of the hundreds of high school and college referees I reffed with who are "just there" on the field, getting paid a ton of money (college refs for sure).
So with that attitude putting his brain to sleep, he didn't have a clue on what to do.

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