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Great example of what delaying a call can do. The only point I would like to offer is that there are games in which a PK and an ejection for DOGSO could be better for the game than a goal and a caution for USB.

[Can you give an example? Cheers, RE]


I totally agree, just award the goal after having happened to whistle, who cares about the absolute timing of the whistle if there is no impact... it's a bad judgement anyhow to whistle prematurely, at least get the outcome right...


I'm not a referee and I'm not sure about that, but I think I've heard that advantage clause can't be used in cases of penalty, because it's supposed that there's no greater advantage than a penalty kick. Maybe it's true when there are a lot of people inside the box, but in this case we're talking about a 1x1 situation in which the forward can reach the ball and score. It's always the same problem, common sense against following the rules as an automaton, without understanding the game.

[There is no law that says you can't apply advantage in the penalty-area. RE]

And, in case Mr Ward had conceded the goal, should he have sent the GK off anyway? 'Cause if you allow advantage, you can book the infractor later... should you punish that "DOGSO fail" or is allowing the goal enough punishment for the action?

[In my opinion, a caution and a goal is all you need. RE]


Same situation as the Arsenal-Barcelona CL final a few years back. Early in the match, Lehman fouled the Barca forward and the ball rolled to Guily who put in into the open net. But, the referee had already whistled - free kick outside the box, red card for Lehman. A little hesitation would have saved the match.

[Hey, Chuck! I haven't forgotten about you. I'll write soon. Cheers, Bob.]

OMG not again

Does not the wording include "Denies", The relevant point as you say is to wait. If the ball enters the net then that fact changes the words and the goal is scored. If not then issue the card (RED) and award the PK.
It has long been my perspective that the best advantage you can give is a goal. Every thing else is subjective to that.
As always excellent teaching points.
Wait, see and act. Retreat if needed. Run away if you can. LMAO

Rich Villalobos

We had a similar situation on a State Cup match where the referee hesitated on a potential DOGSO which materialized into a goal. However, the referee still issued the red for DOGSO, and the state assessor explained that it was a proper send-off. In your scenario, I would conclude that the goalkeeper should have been sent-off. I'm having difficulty wrapping me head around it, but who am I to disagree with an assessor who decides my fate? What is your position on this call?

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