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Dr. Evans,

I would be interested in your feelings on what seems to be a tournament-wide under punishment of tackles. The number of red card challenges that are only receiving cautions is astounding (I have watched a majority of the matches and there have been at least 10 that I have seen). How can THESE referees at THIS competition get this wrong so consistently?

Jeffrey Kovac

When I saw the foul by Lodiero of Uruguay, I immediately said "red card." I was surprised when I saw a yellow come out first. One should not be polite when legs can be broken.

Theodore Bennett

England v USA, re: collision by Heskey into Howard. Do you not think that was a foul? The GK is perilously vulnerable to injury moving in opposite directions and Heskey is woefully LATE(the ball was GONE). If Heskey did not know exactly what he was doing, he is just learning. In my opinion, it was at least a foul, but likely a caution as well.

Richard Marnhout

At the games I referee, (most assuredly not world cup level) if somebody went wailing into the keeper like Heskey did, and I DIDN'T card him for it,the players would have my head on a pole as a warning to others regarding protecting their keeper.

Gus Castaneda

There goes Brazil too; what was it now, the blue shirts, like Italy, France and Argentina tomorrow? Is blue Bad Luck in Soccer? ...whatever it was I'm glad Brazil lost because they had nothing, and yes they needed Ronaldhino, Kickerinho, Foulibho, Cryinho, Pipi, Popo and Pupu to win....at all times. Are they going to suicide as they said they'd do?


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