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Like Clint said _ "Straight up or draped over the saddle, either way."

Thank you, Bob, for sharing something so personal with us.

Dustin Edwards

I think it was Eric Wynalda or someone that used to play that commentates now. Anyways he called Brian Hall "The Peacock" saying he had to be the "Big Man" and was always in charge. It's just a funny hypocritical idea that some people have, they want a referee that's strong and takes action. However they should just let people play and not bother with trivial things like enforcing Laws.

Dennis Wickham

While sang froid translates as "cold blood", it means remaining calm and composed under great stress.

It is a quality that permits the referee to recognize the difference between dissent and venting, to deal with one and to empathise with the other.

Courage is a matter of character. Sang froid may be a matter of biochemistry.

A referee needs both.

John Bauman

Bob Heilman taught my entry level course. He learned from the master and passed it on. I am now an instructor and strive to pass on the lessons from all.

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