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Dustin Edwards

You ref as a team, if you're the one with the cards, you have to defend your team.

John Bauman

I went to a seminar a while back where Esse was the speaker. He talked about working as a team. He said that when he made a call in the WC he knew that all USSF refs would stand with him. ( when he called a PK that was disputed) He gave all of us a USSF patch. I had him autograph it. I carry it to every game I do. If a proper pregame discussion occurs and all agree then if an AR tells the Center to give a card than it is foregone. IMO and now days as SOP.

Patrick Duffy

My son flagged a highly skilled player for offside three times in the first eight minutes of the game. The player then turned to him and yelled "F*** you" at the top of his voice. The referee pulled out a yellow card, which the player then knocked out of the referee's hand. My son doesn't referee anymore. QED.


This ref has failed in his duties to the Law and the game of the moment, the Game, and the future of refereeing.
The Law failure is obvious. This ref is unable to make proper decisions at this level of competition. He certainly isn't ready to work at higher levels where teams depend on families becoming repeat paying customers.
The ref has let a player bring the Game of Soccer into disrepute. Any observer will walk away with the understanding that soccer refs allow such misconduct, and a soccer game is no place to take your family or your friends. Never mind the future effect of this precedent on the abuser and other players in today's game.
The ref has just dealt a blow to the future of refereeing. Any observer (and anyone who hears about this game) now believes that soccer refs get such offensive/insulting/abusive flak that no reasonable person would want to become a referee. It has just become THAT much more difficult to recruit capable candidates who will grow into top-quality refs.

No other sport allows such garbage. What makes this ref think soccer isn't as worthy as the others?

By the way, the ref's failure to respond suggests that he agrees with the insult to the assistant. Perhaps the assistant would have the right to be furious with the referee. I assume the AR is too mature to punch the ref in the mouth in private.

Chuck Stuart

"No other sport allows such garbage." JimG

That is an interesting comment.

One of my youth players (u18 player) is playing organized basketball this winter for the first time. He's a generally good kid, but a bit of a hothead when it comes to referees and their decisions. He is finding out that his typical, generally unpunished, soccer field behavior results in lots of technicals and ejections on the basketball court.

Its a very intereting observation!!

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