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Gary Voshol

I see you are once again trying to get yourself in trouble with the anti-sarcasm crowd.

Dennis Wickham

Can't wait until "The Rest of the Story."

Did FIFA also turn trifling and doubtful infringments into fouls?


I can hardly wait to hear more about the events that triggered this "memo". ;-)


Thanks for the confirmation that we do it "correctly" in my area!!


This will make a good April fools joke next spring.

Pat  Smith

Some of your readers don't get the droll Welsh humor, right out of the Harry Seacombe, Tom Jones, Richard Burton playbook. On a more serious note a very good friend who we both worked for--called Eddie Pearson--once told me and I quote: "You don't call P.Ks because you think they are," he went on "you call them because you know they are". Many of our referees would do well to think about this.

Jason S


Well, it isn't an actual release.

[No, really! Those buggers in Zurich fooled me again! RE]


Please, oh please, let us in on the secret as to what triggered your creative juices.

[A referee said after the game that one reason for not giving a penalty-kick would be if the player could not have reached the ball. RE]


Its about time! But it seems clear to me that FIFA needs to work on their English (American) translations. It should be "irregardless of the position of the ball".

[No comment . . . RE]


I hope the "it should be 'irregardless'" statement was meant to be sarcastic too.

Ed Bellion

Memo to Bruce:

A no comment from Bob in response to your comment, is not really a no comment. It is actually a comment that your comment was absurd.


Garrett Everts

Thank you. You validified my non-call tonight. Real life application. I was separated on my decision at a game tonight and now I am validated after reading your posting. I am witness.



Just a reminder, this memo does not apply if the match is played on days ending in the letter "y".


I like the part where the player in POSSESSION!!! is not within playing distance of the ball.
The scary part is that a lot of refs will read this and actually believe it....

Dave M

I love the part where the foul is committed on the "non-kicking foot" of the player. Too funny.

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