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Jeff Forward

I was fortunate to attend the 2003 Soccer Festival in Houston, TX, with both Pat and Heinz Wolmerath. Between the two of them, it was maybe the best learning experience I had with refereeing.
Pat's lessons are as pertinent today as when he began. Keep rocking, Pat!!

Dilvo DiPlacido-MA(ex-FIFA,National Assessor/Instructor)

Excellent summary for Pat.He has contributed a lot for all of us in the US Federation family.
Thank you.
Dilvo DiPlacido

Gary LeMay

One of the things I enjoyed the most about being a member of the soccer community is getting to Pat Smith and people like him (people who got involved with the sport because they loved the game and wanted to give something back). Pat, you're the greatest!

Once apon a time (1984 youth regionals), the original "Kid"

Raymond R Lalgee STSR SDI 1995-2005

I had the honor and privilege in attending several of Pat's clinics in South Texas. His strength was well displayed in his simple approach to teaching at the referee's level. The very best to you Pat.


You were in the CoMo? I'd love to set up a referee roundtable with you in Springfield, MO next time you are in-state.

Remy R. Schott

I am proud to see that my father and many of his associates received proper recognition for the dedication to and sacrifices they made in the name of the sport they love!!

Ben Glass

On the photo, far right. Looks like my friend Walter Durkin, from Washington metro area.

Peter T.Johnson

Bob, Pat,

Great article about a "Great man";your forever in my thoughts Pat, hope your ready for "extra time".
Best regards,

Peter T.


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