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As bad as the above is, I'm disconcerted with what happened after. Apparently, the Watford coach is facing discipline from the FA for "referee abuse" - in spite of said referee's decision being indefensible.

Isn't it ironic that the FA would choose to stand behind this young referee who totally stepped in it - and yet throw under the bus the referee who had the nerve to send off John Terry?


Well said...There are times when we signal for a corner and all 22 players are taking up for a goal kick...or we signal for a goal kick all 22 are setting up for a corner..Do we think players are telling us something? Sure they are...

As Ed notes above "they knew the ball had not entered the goal, and were in fact continuing to try to score."

Players do have things to say; we need, at times, just to listen or in this case watch...

Just my opinion

John M

Ed, you are very smart. When I was starting out as a referee I had this subconscienous thing that I was a "Judge" and all "decisions" had to come from me. This wasn't something I verbalized. Somehow, someway that concept got into my head. Only after several years experience doing, listening and watching other referees, I started to relax and let the "players" have a say in the decisions. I will tell you that it was quite a shock to my system. But the game became much more fun and I could devote my attention to more important things, like how the players were interacting with each other and WITH ME.. Just as in this game, the players "made the decision for the referee", not the referee. High level referees have this harmony.

Jim L

Long after I'd been considered a 'seasoned official', I was centering a U-12 match.

Scrum in the GA, hand reaches out and slaps the ball down. Whistle, and indication for PK.

As I'm setting up the restart, a Red player says, "Sir, wasn't that a Yellow player that hit the ball?"

OOPs! Pause. Rethink. The kid was right.

I replied, "Yes, you are correct, and thank you."

Then I informed all the players that I was wrong, and signaled for a DFK for defense.

As I ran upfield to position for the kick, the attacking coach questioned me. (Since they were U-12's, I had plenty time before they sorted out kicker, positions, etc.)

I told him what had transpired. He said, "So, you're going to let the players call the game for you?"

I replied, "When they are right, yes."

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