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I also think this begs the question - would the FA have reached the same decision/conclusion if the sent-off player had been merely a journeyman instead of "England captain John Terry" (or some other star player)?

Ferenc Korompai

A cca. 1970's cartoon-embellished soccer Laws quiz book shows a rugby style tackle as an example of SFP.


That tackle certainly isn't your normal SFP,the kind we see in training clips. BUT can you imagine what our beautiful game would become if "only" yellows were given for such stupid actions!!! You're right on this one. That committee needs a good referee on it.

Dustin Edwards

I understand what you're saying and I absolutely agree with you. However, if referees who take a stand are just going to be punished for doing so, why should we take a stand at all? We're hired to referee games by employers and if they're not happy with our performance we're fired. Standing on principle I absolutely hold in highest regard, but when it comes to having no paycheck, is there really a choice here? This is why I don't bother trying to move up in the refereeing world. I'm young, in shape and have been reffing for a very long time and love it. Whenever I have moved up I am told the "Right Way" of refereeing and to follow it without question or I will be dismissed. This of course is more or less implied. It seems to me that we are fighting a system that doesn't want us nor does it deserve us, referees of integrity that is. So, what do you have to say to those referees who see stories like this? Stand on principle against popular opinion and get thrown to the wolves. I will continue to referee the game from my studied and experienced whistle. I just won't be bothered to take a leap up to higher refereeing because I simply have no time to listen to indoctrination by idiots.

K. Teague

Oh, so true your breakdown is! A rugby-type tackle has no place in soccer. Anything short of a red card (i.e. "excessive") just announces the play as plausible to the players (i.e. "reckless" yellow card) if done "less-recklessly". Referees need more backing by said authorities who delegeate the authority originally to the refreees to manage the game. How dare they say, "Here the assignment we believe you are worthy of. Then when the heat is on to back that person of delegated authority with their set authority, a "chickening out" occurs -- leaving the referee out to dry. Utterly rediculous and shameful.

John B

Hail to Mr. Halsey for doing the "right" thing. Administrators must administrate and referees must still referee. I respect the jobs of both. It is most certain that after much review Mr. Halsey will be back to doing higher levels. Now days its seems that courage is the best trait for a referee to have.

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