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r mccain

John Harkes had the commentary during the match in which the Marsch/Beckham incident occured. In the role of apologist for this thuggery, Harkes pointed out how good old boy Jesse is a great family man who's not so impressed by a big-time player he won't hesitate to commit a nasty foul to make a statement. That's likely the kind of foul Harkes learned to love in England.

Mad Patter

If I remember correctly, at the start of the 2006 WC FIFA made a point of insisting that this nonsense be penalized. After a few yellow cards, players got the message, and it improved the games noticeably. Somehow, by the end of the tournament things had returned to "normal", and I haven't seen even obvious delays penalized since. It's really a shame.

chuck stuart

"National problem"? I'd say its an international problem. Watch the EPL, Serie A or La Liga and you see the ball wandering off witht the defenders after almost whistle. FIFA tried to crack down at one of their recent youth tournaments (u20 in Holland?) and I thought it had marvelous results. But, that now looks like it was a one time shot - haven't noticed it attempted again. TOO BAD!!!!

James Fellrath

I'm not a player of anywhere near the stature of an Edson Buddle, much less a John Harkes. But this is exactly the same thing I've been saying for years. The total lack of real sportsmanship that players in MLS comport themselves with should be penalized with immediate yellow cards.

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