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Why should this be any surprise to any referee with any experience?

Players will always challenge the referee to see just how far they can go. Show them where the line is, let them know that they cross it at their peril, and everything is fine again. They will do exactly what you let them do.

Don't get me wrong. You can be a Nice Guy and still keep things under control. But, you cannot be a Patsy.


Superb stuff. I hope you don't mind that we've linked our blog to yours. Best regards!!

hannah blaker

hey i'am hannah and i'm a ref i love to do it but it is so inconvent for me because i coach and i play too and its soo hard to find the time i i'm only allowed to ref u-10 -u-16 but anyway one time i had two people going up for the ball at the same time and was going to head the ball and they headed each other instead and they both had blood rushing out of their head i almost threw up but they both had to go to the hosptial i hate calling games off but they were aready playing down so i had to and all the parents were ticked off at me!!!i hate that but you always have to get used to it!!


Thanks, Hannah....question for you is this:
after the twin head gusher that almost made you hurl, did you abandon the match or terminate the match? And, why?

hannah blaker

hey i had to terminate the game because they already had not that many players well write back got to go buh bye

Paul Takakjian

Perhaps Landon was repaid in kind last weekend when he was fouled going to goal just before the 18 and the defender continued the foul contact into the box. The referee only awarded a DFK outside the box.

hannah blaker

hey guys if you have any other interesting storys about soccer or if you just want to chat you can contact me at [email protected] please contact me i get soo baord please somone talk to me please!!!!

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