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Eric Freitag

I was saddenned to hear of the sudden passing of Mr. Kennedy. While I did not know him well, I was fortunate to have him for 2 recent assessments and I learned a tremendous amount about not only mechanics, game managment, etc. etc., but also how the game should be approached and respected. I always meant to send him a note thanking him for his time and effort to encourage my development. Sadly, I cannot do that now. However, I hope his family may read this blog and I can say thank you to them for supporting Mr. Kennedy and for being a part of all he has given to "The beautiful game." He will be missed.

Roger Rivers

Over the weekend I was conducting an oral debriefing on the "Developmental Assessment" I had made on a talented youth referee when his AR#1 (a State Referee whom I did not know but who had volunteered his time to aid our developing youth referees) interupted me to state, "That's the exact same advice John Kennedy gave to me several years ago when I was a Grade 8 and I follow it in every match." My reply to him was, "And where do you think I learned it?"

Thank you John, I'll not forget you, ever!

Kevin Rockwell

Ah we should all go on and on and tell stories about this fine man. He certainly entertained us with his and for that I am eternally grateful.

You see when I first encountered John I thought to myself "Oh my god I hope I never have to have him watch my game". I have to laugh now at that thought.

You see over time I was the benefactor of John Kennedy's wisdom and insight. Once I saw through the sometimes gruff exterior I realized he was a fountain of good information about this wonderful game.

He took the time to help my daughter as a youth referee and frankly she is so tough and strong on the field because of his mentoring help.

And finally he was my assessor for my grade 6 upgrade. By the time I had reached that point I now reveled in the assessment process as opposed to fearing it. When John was assigned my game I cheered. I knew that meant I was going to have a great day and John would give me the good and the bad but in the end I would be better off for it.

I did have a good game. John gave me great insights. Perfect.

He even hsared his extra tickets to Quakes games with me so I could see more games with the likes of Brian and Ricardo in the middle.

I am forever indebted to him and will miss him on the pitch.

Pat Smith

I was cleaning out my file cabinet and i came across a letter that John Kennedy had written to me When i was the Director of Assessment.It was vintage John,raising hell with whom he called THE KNOW IT ALL IDIOTS.he was a character,who i trusted implicitly.You knew wee you stood with John there was no double talk,if you had praise coming John was first in line,and if you needed a good talking to, then john was again first in line.We have many assessors who could have learnt PEOPLE RELATIONS from john,John always believed in a phraze i told him THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY A real good friend who i will miss

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